"I recently hired Mr. Nagarajah Nirmalan to provide ITIL training to the IT managers within my team. He is highly skilled in the area of ITIL and was able to answer the questions that we had throughout the process. An added value that he brings to the table is the side discussions and comparisons with other frameworks/certifications such as PRINCE2, MSP etc. I also felt that he had a high level of dedication and it was important to him that we had everything necessary to successfully succeed the class. Beyond the class he has also followed up with to ensure that we are now equipped to succeed in implementing ITIL in our team and has offered his help within this process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Nirmalan for training or consulting in ITIL."

Kevin Norris, IT Director - Applications Asia at Camoplast Solideal GIT, Canada.

"Nirmalan is an excellent ITIL trainer who knows his subject matter very well and takes real efforts on ensuring his trainees, not only pass the exam successfully but also actually learns the subject matter and gains real knowledge on the ability to effectively apply what is learnt in relevant situations at work place. He uses logic & expertise and relates theory to practical experience which makes it easy for a person to understand the subject matter well. In addition, his overall knowledge of IT together with certifications that he carries such as MSP, PRINCE2, CISA and so on, contributes greatly to his knowledge, and adds tremendous value to his Training..”

Tharshan Sreetharan, Head of Business Consulting & Operations -  Providence Solutions


"Nagarajah Nirmalan is one of the greatest teachers I have ever met. He taught me ITIL practices during a course that I attended recently and I am quite impressed with his unparalleled practical industry exposure and knowledge in technology service management domain. His wide and varied knowledge and skills are far beyond the reach of many. He is a guru in technology management and IT domains and he has mastered every aspect of IT service management. I am sure he is one of the most sought after consultants in the ITIL practice and IT industry owing to sheer brilliance and knowledge he has acquired over time . It is not a surprise that all of his peers in the industry turn to him for guidance and advice. He has been contributing a great deal to the betterment of the country with his wealth of knowledge and experience. He has created a large number of ITIL professionals during the past and I am privileged to become one of his students who achieved 100% marks at the exam. His ability to teach technology/service management is simply amazing and I don't believe that there could exist a better teacher..”

— Berny Perera, Head – Project Management at Sri Lanka Telecom.


"I was one of the first set of participants who got certified in ITIL-intermediate level, for the first time in Sri Lanka though KenVisa. This was led by Nirmalan who carried out a very effective training on ITIL Foundation, ITIL Intermediate and PRINCE2 certification for us, which was highly commended by all the participants. His excellent delivery skills with a very practical approach coupled with his expert knowledge on the subject matter is indeed great. For me, his overall understanding of the domain knowledge and his commitment has been a great support in getting ITIL and PRINCE 2 certifications successfully. Would recommend for any organization particularly in the knowledge services sector .."

— Amal Gunasinghe, Manager at Union Assurance PLC.


"Mr.Nirmalan is an exceptionally qualified technical professional and a IT trainer. His comprehensive IT knowledge and experience provides him the ability to lead and train IT professionals in any industry. My tenure with him in ITIL training was a great success."

— Manjula Angammana, IT Manager, Hilton Worldwide, Maldives.


"Nirmalan is one of those rare educators who is also naturally an inspiring. With a background in Information Technology and many years’ experience as an educator, Nirmalan exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique understanding of his students. These qualities translate in his exceptional ability to motivate his students to do well in their fields. Nirmalan is the go-to person for ITIL problem solving. Nirmalan’s positive attitude and the respect others feel toward him are palpable. "

— Christopher Silva, Systems Engineer/Service Desk Team Leader at Celentia, Australia.


"Nirmalan is a trainer with lot of practical experience in the industry. This gives him the ability to relate what he is teaching to real life examples and applications. This makes his training very practical, for trainings such as ITIL this is very valuable. He is very organized and easy to approach even after the training to get help in any questions you may have"

— Bhanu Kumarawadu, Assistant General Manager at PEARSON Lanka.


"Mr Nagarajah Nirmalan is an expert in most of the processes and framework in IT domain, who trained me to obtain high results in ITIL Foundation in Mar 2012. In short, I could say that I went to Mr Nirmalan with 0% knowledge in ITIL domain and went home with more than 80% of knowledge and the pass rate within a very short time period. I could able to see the difference of my work pattern at office before and after I received the excellent training from Mr Nirmalan. I will obtain more of his services in many other domain areas in IT in the near future. I recommend him as an excellent trainer for professionals who seek and want to achieve top outcome in their career path. I salute his professionalism in, how he conducted the training sessions, excellent knowledge, individual attention and the follow-up procedure that was carried out by him throughout the course and afterwards.."

— Sivakumar K, Senior Business Solution Architect – BSS/OSS for Teleco at Informatics International, Sri Lanka.


"I got my results from the ITIL Foundation exam on Saturday and I passed with an 100 %. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all of the help and support he provided to me in preparing for this exam. I think I can honestly say that I would not have been able to successfully pass this exam on my first attempt without his invaluable assistance and we had a great mix of individuals from the industry with common interests and experiences. Nirmalan’s teaching styles really helped me to understand the objectives rather than just know or memorize the material. We learned and had fun at the same time!..”

— Winston Fernando, Specialist – NOC Service at Eureka Technology Partners, Sri Lanka.


"Recently I attended Nirmalan's ITIL V3 Foundation training program. It was a great work shop that I have ever participated. His training skill was excellent. He was touching complicated areas in simple manner using practical examples, which helped me to grasp it quickly and easily. Not only during the training but after the training also he kept in touch and helped us in the doubts that we came across..”

— Kapila Amaraarachchi, Operations Manager at Wipro Technologies, Sri Lanka.


"This was a training on ITIL's. For an organization like mine, which is implementing ITIL, this training was excellent. We could'nt have got a better trainer than Nirmalan. His training was excellent. The way the whole concept was put across to a team of 7 members was excellent. The material, the presentation, the examples, the discussions around certain areas was excellent. His attitude towards clearing any doubts among the participants was excellent. If anyone out there is looking at moving IT towards a service organization, I have no hesitation in recommending Nirmalan as a consultant and trainer.."

— Ninesh Amirthiah, Regional IT Manager (South Asia) at Avery Dennison, Sri Lanka.


"It has been a great pleasure to attend the ITIL V3 Foundation training programme conducted by Nagarajah Nirmalan and get through the exam. It is his constant guidance before, during and after the training that motivated me. As a consultant he possesses practical exposure in the subject area, training skills and his practical methods of teaching the most complicated theoretical areas are praiseworthy. His presentation skills are commendable. My personal view is that ITIL foundation is the stepping stone for those in the field of IT hoping to hold a management position in future and Mr. Nirmalan is the ideal guru to lead you in the stepping stone to the path of success. . He possess great qualities of a mentor.”

— Pubudu Binduhewa, Network Engineer at Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka Limited, Sri Lanka.


"I recently attended to ITIL V3 training conducted by Mr. Nagarajah Nirmalan and got through the exam. The way he did the class was very interesting and gave big positive influence to us. The class is not only for the exam and it tells you lot of things which you can use to your working environment conceptually. I am very proud of having the training from the real expert who is having gamut of experience..”

— Gayan Kantha, IT Manager - Service Desk at Camoplast Solideal, Sri Lanka.

 "I met Nirmalan when we are looking for a PRINCE2 trainer, and we are fortunate to hire him as our mentor. He is a versatile IT professional who possess a superior knowledge in IT management and Governance. We had a superb learning experience in following PRINCE2 and his mentoring skills are unprecedented. His training and consultations delivered very valuable benefits to our organization in terms of project management. Hence we found lots of practical solutions to our existing issues in project management thanks to Nirmalan. The teaching methodology and his solution approaches to our real world problem & issues are very practical. Thus, I believe we had a real paradigm shift after getting PRINCE2 certification. I have Nirmalan in my top notch consultant list and I recommend him for anyone or organization who wish to receive consulting & mentoring in management & governance in IT.

      -       Asitha Kaggoda, Head of Group IT, Expolanka Holdings PLC

“It is my great pleasure and honor to furnish this note of recommendation for Mr. Nagarajah Nirmalan. I followed the course ‘Project Management Methodology using PRINCE2 practice’ under his guidance, and during the course I witnessed his dedication to the field of   teaching & the academic preparation. His creative lessons proved to be interesting and effective. His lectures helped me to understand the concepts of PRINCE2 and also to practice at work. I would also appreciate his willingness to guide his students to become practitioners in this profession. Furthermore he spent many hours of his own time in assisting the students on how to adopt this practice at work.  I take this opportunity to thank him for the invaluable guidance that was given to me to complete PRINCE2 Foundation successfully.” November, 2010. 

-       Washeefa Zahir, Practice Lead at  John Keells Holdings, Strategic Group IT Division.


"I participated in a workshop conducted by Mr Nirmalan on Project Management Methodology using PRINCE2 in April 2010, Mr Nirmalan is a great resource person with a pleasing & friendly personality. He has a thorough knowledge in Project management and many related areas. Most of all he was able to deliver the contents of the program in a way that every one participated could grasp and gather clear understanding. I would definitely use the valued services of Mr Nirmalan as a consultant in my Company and wish to attend more workshops conducted by him." July, 2010 

-       Dhanushka Weeratunga, General Manager at Emerald Computer Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

"I attended a work shop on Project Management Methodoloy (Using PRINCE2 Practices) in April 2010 which was conducted by Nirmalan. He explained all the complex topics in a very practical and smooth manner. He made sure that we understood the concepts and encouraged us to take small steps at work to implement the framework. He also follows up on my progress, and keeps touch through mails. His knowledge on practical and subject matter comes through clear communication. I used to ask many questions throughout the sessions. He was able to give me clear answers, and importantly he managed all that without affecting the timing. I was highly satisfied with the workshop, and the return on that investment for my organization is long term." June 4, 2010. 

-       Isuru Silva, Manager at  Sarvodaya-Fusion.

“I have been in the field of project management (PM) for more than 05 years now. Last year (2009) I joined the Open Arc College of International Studies to do my Diploma in Project Management (DPM) based on PMI curriculum. That was the first time I met Mr. N. Nirmalan, our lecturer is really passionate about PM. Generally lecturers only teach the curriculum that was given to him or her but Mr. Nirmalan is different from that. He gave us all the aspects of PM, theories, practices, methodologies, different model types, etc. He is a well equipped and qualified lecturer.    I bet that I have never met a person in the PM Field like him. He use to tell us again and again to give priority to Risk Analysis and Project Auditing. He was sharing his personal experiences with us to make us understand each subject in PM. I was really motivated to commit more to my work place because of his teaching. I still admire about his statement he made in one of the classes which was “If you do a proper plan for a project then, there is no need to depend on luck”.  In addition Mr Nirmalan’s  lectures motivated and enabled me to think differently, and the people in my organization was amazed about my way of thinking (innovative) and contribution towards Project Management. 

-     Ravikumar Sarjeevram, Project coordinator, at Alliance Development Trust (NGO) Sri Lanka 


I attended Mr. Nirmalan's recent 3 days workshop on Project Management Methodology using PRINCE2 practices. It was a very fortunate opportunity for me to have Mr. Nirmalan as a Lecturer to improve my professional practices. He has a thorough knowledge in the subject and vast amount of experience in applying theory into practice. I felt so inspired and realized that he has made a difference. The entire purpose of education is to inspire creative and intelligent thought and Mr. Nirmalan made it. Therefore I wanted to write this and tell Mr. Nirmalan so. I believe the knowledge that he has given to us has made a difference in our lives and it is worth more than all the awards on the planet. 

-       Ajantha Ratnayake, Manager MIS at  Ministry of Higher Education

 “It has been a fantastic 3 days so far into PRINCE2 methodology course. I have never had so much information crammed into me within a space of 72 hours like this before. Thanks to Mr.Nirmalan, I had cleared many areas under PM. His skills towards the PRINCE2 methodology, is unbelievable. Every aspect has been covered with top to bottom explanations with real time scenarios within the project lifespan.” December 13, 2010. 

-        Avantha Weerakkody, Associate Product Line Manager at Rezgateway

 “”I strongly recommend Mr.Nagarajah Nirmalan's professionalism and ability. He is a very great trainer and can teach a lot of complex concept in a very simple way. Also he has very strong knowledge upon his role and responsibilities to manage every single request/complain from his clients””.

-       Wai Linn Htet, Office IT Manager at Ooredoo Myanmar.


“”Being a trainer who can teach Management courses is hard; being a well-experienced consultant is much harder. Mr. Nirmalan is such a kind of consultant who enriched with experiences, patience, and sympathy for each and every candidate. I would like to highly recommend to him as a professional trainer since we were lucky enough to receive a lot of knowledge from him regarding to ITIL and PRINCE2 courses in his lecturer times””.

-       Linn Linn Htwe, Contracts Senior Specialist at Ooredoo Myanmar.